Significance, goals and objectives

ORGANIZATION DOBERGARD DOO BELGRADE has realized the importance and the benefits of establishing a business continuity management system by understanding the need and necessity for action in circumstances in which no reasonable options for maintaining continuity of operations in accordance with established policies, goals and plans. Also, the organization DOBERGARD DOO Belgrade is aware of the many dangers that lurk in contemporary circumstances when business processes are accelerated pace, I realized immeasurable importance of implementation and enforcement of measures to enhance the ability to manage incidents that cause disruptions in business cycles. In relation to the need for continued growth and improvement in all areas of business activity, a significant dose of attention is focused on the monitoring and review of performance, and the implementation of appropriate preventive and corrective measures that would result in precisely the constant improvement of business processes in the organization DOBERGARD LLC BELGRADE.

The purpose of business continuity management system to improve the resistance organization DOBERGARD DOO BELGRADE, which, inter alia, the development of mechanisms and the ability to timely identify, prevent, minimize and ultimately prevent the effect or impact of an adverse event, incident, emergency or crisis situations. The creation of such mechanisms in the organization DOBERGARD DOO BELGRADE form protection from adverse events, incidents, emergency or crisis situations that cause or may cause disruption in business processes. It also reduces the likelihood of accidents, emergency or crisis situation and taking into consideration the objective facts and circumstances in a timely manner is preparing a response for action in situations where these phenomena occur, including the strategy for recovery after they ensue. In the aftermath of the incident, adverse events, emergency or crisis situations exist, implementation, maintenance and improvement of business continuity management system creates the possibility that the organization DOBERGARD DOO BELGRADE continue normal business processes. On the other hand, in case of adverse events in large-scale long term established business continuity management system is the support for faster recovery and restore operations in a regular situation as soon as possible. The aim of the organization DOBERGARD DOO BELGRADE is to develop, implement and maintain business continuity management programs that will enable the preparation of responses and management of all types of disorders of business processes that occur.

The key objectives of the business continuity management system include the following:
Highlighting the importance of business continuity management system within the organization DOBERGARD DOO BELGRADE, to ensure that personnel engaged in all the activities that the organization does to be sent to the existence of plans for business continuity, their role in them, and to attend appropriate training compliance with established plans and procedures.
Incorporating elements of business continuity management in the corporate culture of the organization DOBERGARD DOO BELGRADE so that it becomes an integral part of any process of strategic decision making.
Ensure that critical activities and the complex processes in the organization DOBERGARD DOO BELGRADE be identified, as well as for such activities and processes are adequate business continuity programs that have been developed precisely in relation to the specifics of the particular activities and processes.
Formulation of methodological and structural framework for the planning and preparation of responses to adverse events, incidents, emergency and crisis situations.
Ensure regular review, adjustment or modification and improvement, as well as testing and training, diving and practicing the established management system business continuity.
Develop and review plans and programs for continuous improvement in accordance with good business practices, the established business practices, applicable and applied laws and regulations and in accordance with the requirements of international standard ISO 22301: 2012 Social security - Business continuity management systems.


Top management organization DOBERGARD DOO BELGRADE decided that the scope and range of application of business continuity management system including all activities and sectors and organizational units at the time of policy formulation business continuity exists, including all organizational units that are located or may in the near future be located beyond the current seat of the organization DOBERGARD DOO BELGRADE. Subcontractors shall, in accordance with the provisions of the contracts concluded with them or may be concluded in the near future, he would be an appropriate level of responsibility in the event of catastrophic events and the damage caused by such events may occur, including the commitment of resources to activate the mechanisms for recovery.

Organization DOBERGARD DOO BELGRADE cooperates with numerous partners and institutions of different profiles, providing them with services and delivering them their products. Aware of the potential risks caused by a sudden interruption in the supply chain approach adopted organization DOBERGARD DOO BELGRADE implies that the relationship with our partners and the realization of their expectations a priority in the agenda of the business planning process. Therefore, the organization DOBERGARD DOO BELGRADE focused on those activities or elements of their business processes, which has primary responsibility for providing interested parties of certain services or products, and takes absolute responsibility for the construction of mechanisms with which to minimize, neutralize or prevent the effects of potentially risky situations in identified critical activities.
Programs and plans of management continuity management are focused on the protection and recovery from potentially harmful effects of the identified critical activities, and at the same time connected with the organization's goals DOBERGARD DOO BELGRADE, which are the starting point of the mission to a firmer and better positioning in the market. The critical activities to include all those activities whose sudden interruption or inability njihovogog implementation in an undefined period of time, due to an incident, emergency or crisis situations could have a serious impact on: personnel; information and data; facilities and working environment as well as supporting aids; equipment and consumables; systems of information - communication technologies; transport; finance, clients or customers or partners, and suppliers. This definition includes certain activities conducted in the following areas: Activities of private security; Protection services with the help of security systems; Providing advice in relation to security (making security assessments); Services General cleaning of buildings.

Belgrade, 29 April.2014.
Dusan Djukic Director

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